Villa Blanca

This was one of my husband’s favorite places to stop for lunch in Los Angeles. Perfectly located on the high-profile corner off of Rodeo and (I think) Camden Street, it’s a great lunch spot – and of course, it doesn’t hurt it’s owned by one of my favorite Beverly Hills Housewives, Lisa, who we ran into everytime we went.

We had a variety of dishes, since we went more than once, but one of my favorites was the carpaccio which was SO different. It wasn’t sliced thin, as carpaccio usually is, and had so many other elements including a hint of orange citrus, excellent olive oil and gorgeous chunks of parmesean cheese on top. I loved it – such a different take on the standard thin slices of beef and bed of greens.

An absolute MUST, is the English Pudding. I’m not a toffee-pudding-kind-of-girl (I prefer Parisian pastry’s and light desserts) but this, according to the waitress, is what the restaurant is famous for. It’s, apparently, the English owner’s grandmothers secret reciepe. The ice cream, as well, is made in-house and just bursts with the taste of vanilla – you can even notice the traces of the fresh vanilla pods.

A must try in LA, and is oh-so convienantly located after a tiresome day of shopping in the area. Aaaah, I miss LA already…

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2 Responses to Villa Blanca

  1. Hussah says:

    Seems like a lovely place. Loved your review, now I can’t wait to go to LA to try it out. Keep up the good work. xx

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