The Ivy – Where Celebrities Hang

Another restaurant I really enjoyed this summer in LA was The Ivy. I’ve heard so much about this place – mostly about how often Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox used to come (and probably vent about Brad Pitt back during Mr. and Mrs. Smith). Food wise, though, I had always heard it was “average,” but an absolute LA must, particularly if you have fun stalking celebrities (ahem, ahem).

I, on the other hand, really enjoyed it. First off, sitting on the patio is a definite must. The weather is just too beautiful and the ridiculous amount of gorgeous blooms really sets up the perfect ambiance. I wish we had such a scenic cozy “English Garden” restaurant here in Kuwait…

I don’t remember the name of the dish I had, but it had a creamy pink tomato sauce that I am DETERMINED to copy. My hubby loves penne with pink sauce, and I’ve yet to find a recipe that’s as delicious as this one was. Anyone have a recipe they can share ?

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2 Responses to The Ivy – Where Celebrities Hang

  1. Dear Sarah,
    I am headed to LA this week and I have always wanted to try the Ivy but was afraid it was too chic for me because of the celebs! I think I will take a page from your book and brave it — if the weather’s nice. That pink sauce is probably vodka sauce. This is usually found on the East Coast. It’s a tomato sauce with cream — and a splash of vodka that usually burns off. I think it’s normally made with bacon too (!!!) but not always certainly. There are places in NYC that are probably renowned for their penne a la vodka. I know a place in Stamford, CT called Eclisse ( that has the BEST penne a la vodka I have ever tasted, if you are ever out that way. 🙂

    • That sounds great – I recommend when going to the Ivy, just to make a reservation since they are almost always booked. I think the appeal is the celebrity scene as well as the setting – which is really lovely. There are fresh blooms and vines all around the patio – so, make sure when making a reservation to have it outside, so you may enjoy the ambiance. My husband found the food quite hyped and ‘alright’ – i really loved my dish though, so I can’t speak for much of what else they have to offer. I know it was a vegetarian option, so I don’t think there was bacon – please share famous places in NYC that you know of for pink sauce ! Also,if you have a special recipe – also, do share, haha. I’m trying to find a good one to incorporate in most pasta dishes. 🙂 Thanks for the Conneticut recommendation – last I was there I was in boston, which was ages ago – I’ll be sure to ask recommendations from you next time I go! 🙂

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