The Dragon – A New Japanese Spot

Last night my hubby and I went to a soft-opening of my uncle’s new restaurant in Jabriya called The Dragon. It’s a tiny restaurant tucked into the corner off of 4th ring road, and next to Champion’s Gym and Early Bird. I was immediatley first drawn to the decor which was very bold and interesting – my favorite part about it were the glass walls/ windows that opened up to a patio which is the perfect ambiance for weather like this.

The waitress brought us a series of dishes that were catered to be the most popular and “crowd-friendly” – and they were, indeed, quite good. Although I’m not the biggest sushi person, I did enjoy that these rolls had interesting ingredients like asparagus. My husband and I were also surprised to see they had popcorn shrimp – the same dish we had just had at Villa Blanca in LA (which I blogged about previously) ! It was honestly, just as good too !

Another two favorite dishes was the shittake mushrooms – a great vegetarian alternative since it was filling enough as a main course – and the beef with sauce – probably one of the best I’ve had in a Japanese spot in Kuwait. It reminds me more of a Genki and Maki sort of feel – with the bold decor and the crowd-pleaser dishes. The owners also happen to own Genki Sushi and Babak (a kabab favorite of ours as well).

Definitely a cute spot and worth a visit – I’m sure we will especially with this gorgeous weather and to have a refill of those delicious mushrooms and popcorn shrimp… YUM !

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2 Responses to The Dragon – A New Japanese Spot

  1. mohi says:

    Looks delicious. Loving the blog by the way. keep it up!

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