Leek and Potato Soup – Another Seasonal Ingredient

 There’s just some kind of charm with winter and warm soup – especially those heavy starchy soups that are thick enough to dip day-old french baguette’s into – YUM ! During my cooking class last week, Chef Hadla also taught me to make an incredibly easy (and original) side-soup dish with leeks. This was my first time cooking with this ingredient, which I found kind of fun (it’s sometimes a little intimidating and exciting learning to cook with a brand new ingredient). Although it doesn’t have the same stunning color a pumpkin or saffron soup might have, I think with the right presentation, it can have that same attractive appeal – besides, it’s just absolutely delicious…


3 medium-sized Leeks

4 medium-sized potatoes, peeled and quartered

 ½ an Onion

2-4 cloves of Garlic

3-4 tablespoons of butter

1 tablespoon flour

Chicken Stock

salt and pepper, for taste


Again, it’s really that easy – once you get the basic formula down for a soup, it becomes easy to adapt different ingredients to it. First, begin by frying the onion and garlic in butter. Add the flour to thicken. Once the onions have sweat, add the potatoes and leeks to sautee, then add pour in the chicken stock until it covers the potatoes – cover until they’ve boiled and the potatoes have softened which usually takes about 20-30 minutes. Once softened, shift the ingredients to a blender and blend. Put back in the pot, then, if you’d like a thicker and creamier consistency, add 2-3 tablespoons of heavy cream or even delicious buttermilk ! Because we’re cooking with a starch, make sure to garnish with lots of salt and pepper for extra flavor (sometimes I sneak in a little garlic salt too).


I ate this last week alongside a delicious pasta dish, but next time, I’m going to buy pre-cut bread bowls form Le Pain Quotidien or Paul’s and serve the heavy soup in there. A perfect snack while sitting out in the garden, snuggling under a blanket when it’s cold !


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Recipe, courtesy of Chef Hadla


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A newly-wed looking to perfect the art of a full-time job, an array of social committments, and a daily home-made (and sometimes healthy) meal.
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2 Responses to Leek and Potato Soup – Another Seasonal Ingredient

  1. rana says:

    ok my mama needs to make this asap. YUMMMM!!!! THANK YOU

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