Tatami Cooking Class

I happened to hear about this class while just browsing on twitter and thought it would be a fun activity to kick off the Eid-weekend – indeed, it really, really was. First off the head chef is someone to be admired for following her dream and translating it into a success – she quit her day job a few years ago, followed her passion and went to culinary school in New York, then came back and (with a few other partners) opened up her own restaurant. Although I’ve yet to try Tatami, I can speak on the chef herself, as being exactly what we need in this market: a chef that celebrates the product and doesn’t over compensate with sauces, spices and overly complicated techniques (oh, my!). She insists the best and freshest in the market is an absolute must for good food. Furthermore, if you embrace the product and cook in a way that manages to accentuate it’s best possible taste you’ll always end up with a delicious and beautiful finished product. And, particulary after this class, I definitely agree.

Our fun class of 5 made a delicious Chimichurri sauce (watchout Gaucho – this will definitely be a new appetizer I keep for gatherings), stuffed and grilled nuwaibi, steamed salmon with fresh rosemary, an unbelievable marinade from some side grilled veggies (my absolute favorite)delicious mini-sliders with meat from Prime Cuts, and pan-seared steak (cooked in an unbelievable Parisian technique that answers all questions about why non-bbq steaks are also just as delicious). (The below pictures are in order of above).

Aside from being such an informative class, it was also a fun activity to do – I highly recommend grabbing a close friend or your mom (whether they are into cooking or not) and insist they try with you as well. Besides, you get to eat the yummy feast you make at the end…

It won’t be long before I’m taking another class here !

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A newly-wed looking to perfect the art of a full-time job, an array of social committments, and a daily home-made (and sometimes healthy) meal.
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4 Responses to Tatami Cooking Class

  1. F. says:

    I ate at Tatami twice and it’s by far one of my favorite restaurants in Kuwait. Excellent menu and everything is cooked to perfection. And like you said, they don’t douse the food with sauces.

    • I haven’t yet eaten there, but I do know the head chef and her standard of cooking is just superb. Plus the cooking class really gave an inside look into her methods as well as the way their kitchen runs – I can’t wait to try it for a nice evening dinner 🙂

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