Souq Mubarikiya – Dalag Suhayl

Now, we’re not dealing with maybe the most hygenic of places (sorry to break it to you), nor the most fancy shmancy of places – but in terms of authenticity, it just doesn’t get better in Kuwait. Hands down. And it’s the PERFECT time of year – every winter a few close friends and I go out during the afternoon when the weather is slightly chilly, but there’s still enough sun to warm you up and eat brunch/ lunch.

This time we ordered the kabab – which is hard to even go into description here. Forget your local delivery spots and jam3iya pick-ups, I haven’t tasted better kabab other than when in Turkey. Un-real. Served with piping hot Iranian bread, fresh jarjeer and crisp onion wedges, it’s the ultimate guilty pleasure. We also ordered a side of koushari – a specialty of the restaurant next door. It comes with two mini tubs: one of squeezed lemon and the other of spicy sauce (which I douse all over). After our amazing lunch, we finished off with some delicious warm tea and enjoyed the lovely breeze and afternoon “hustle/ bustle” of our city.

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2 Responses to Souq Mubarikiya – Dalag Suhayl

  1. Janet says:

    HI, I like that you’re posting and writing about authentic food and restaurants in Kuwait; this particular one looks like one I’d like to try. During the late 80’s, when I first got married and I moved to Kuwait from Calif., we’d enjoy walking around that area during the cool evenings with our daughter. One of many wonderful memories when she was a little one.

    I love your blog!

    • Yes, it’s a really delicious restaurant and I recommend everyone try at least once! It still is a lovely place in the mornings, when it’s cool in the winter, to take long walks around and see the souq. Thanks 🙂

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