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Penne a la Pink Sauce

As usual, I was skimming for quick recipes that don’t take too much time, but are just as filling and wholesome as time-consuming home made meals, and stumbled across this: “You Won’t Be Single for Long Pasta.” (I thought the … Continue reading

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Couscous Mixed with Fresh Parsley and Pine Nuts – A Healthy Side

Recently, I’ve been very interested in making healthy side dishes, and couscous definitely fits that profile. I had read it has a 1% fat-to-calorie ratio, compared to white pasta (5%) and white rice (3%). Plus, the best part, is that … Continue reading

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Baked Lemon and Rosemary Chicken

I’ve just been so swamped this week with work, the gym and a few side projects that I just haven’t had enough time to really cook the lavish, time-consuming dinners I usually do. But, as usual, I refuse to comprise … Continue reading

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Pasta and Bolognese – Quick, Filling and Comforting Dinner

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t ordered this at some random hotel or generic Italian eatery – it’s such a “safety” dish, since more often than not, it’s always good! It has all the favorite basics of a heavy cream … Continue reading

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Parmesan and Thyme Crackers – A Fresh Appetizer

The more I cook, the more I think it makes sense to serve everything fresh – including things like crackers, bread, etc. Although it might sound a bit difficult, making a fresh batch of most any dough recipe can be … Continue reading

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Mom’s Chicken Pot-Pies – A Childhood Favorite

Who doesn’t love comfort food? And how much more “comfort” can it get then flaky, fresh pastry dough and thick, piping hot chicken soup?  Now, this isn’t the easiest of recipe’s – actually, it’s incredibly time consuming. But, the plus … Continue reading

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