Beer-Battered Vegetable Tempura

This was my first attempt at making tempura, and I wanted to do something different that you can’t always find at restaurants. Again, I’m trying to get creative with serving veggie’s (yes, I know, deep-frying isn’t always the healthiest option, even though it’s usually the most delicious)! This turned out just lovely – they were perfectly golden and crispy, and again, very easy to make.

Total Cooking Time:  20 minutes

Serving Portion: 4 persons

1 cup of cold non-alcoholic beer (I purchased mine from Lulu Hypermarket) 

1 cup of all-purpose flour

2 teaspoons of baking powder

1/4 cup of corn starch

1/2 teaspoon of salt

1 egg

Mixture of vegetables: onion rings, zucchini strips, carrot strips, broccoli, sweet potato strips, etc.

Sea saltand chili flakes for garnish


Begin by slicing your vegetables. If they are vertical, you want to slice them into strips. If they are more round, like an onion, rings can be cut. Once the veggies are prepped, mix together all the ingredients, although make sure the beer is cold before you pour it into the mixture. Refrigerate the mixture while you heat your wok with oil – you want to use a decent amount of oil. Make sure the oil is hot by testing it with a tiny drop of the mixture – if it immediately sizzles, the oil is ready. (This step is crucial to having evenly fried tempura). Dip in a few of your veggies, and make sure they are fully coated in the tempura batter. Once coated, drop them into the wok. Because the mixture is quite light, they might float, which is fine – just stir them around to make sure they brown evenly. Once golden, remove onto a paper towel, and repeat with remaining vegetables. Once you finish frying all the veggies, garish with sea salt and chili flakes. 


The tempura came out absolutely delicious – steaming hot, perfectly crispy and golden brown. We just couldn’t eat enough and quickly ate through the entire bowl. For a dipping sauce, you can use soy sauce although it’s a bit strong. Most tempura dipping sauces use mirin (which is a hard Japanese ingredient to find here), but a few friends told me you could just dilute the soy sauce with water and a pinch of sugar. (I would add some more chili myself, cause nothing can be too spicy!) This recipe is a definite keeper.


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2 Responses to Beer-Battered Vegetable Tempura

  1. expataussiegal says:

    I love vegetable tempura and cook it often. Found mirin yesterday @ Sultan Centre Sharq Souk.

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