Ubon – New Thai Spot

There’s been a little bit of talk about this new spot in the city, and a month or so back when it had just opened my husband and I tried it out. I’m a die-hard thai food fan, and mostly when I get a panang chicken craving I opt for pataya beach restaurant or oriental, so I was excited there was another option. The concept of ubon is entirely different that the previous two and quite charming. I found it to be more fusion and modern-edgy, than the shabby, authentic and tucked-away feel the other two have. And yet, the first thing I fell in love with about this place was the ambiance – it’s different: intimate and yet social, modern and yet rustic – I’m not sure who designed the simple metallic theme, but I liked it a lot, particularly the gorgeous chandelier pots.

The dishes are focused on presentation, and offer a little more of a commercial-fusion thai taste – for example, if you want “thai spicy” order the extra spicy, as opposed to medium, like you might when in Thailand. We ordered the tempura, garlic shrimps, green chicken curry, stir-fried beef, pineapple rice, pad thai and mango rice pudding. Stand-out dishes were definitely the garlic shrimps and the rice pudding. The shrimps were lovely with crunchy garlic chips. The pudding was great. I loved it and gobbled the entire serving. I see that dish alone as a potential staple and stand-out for the restaurant. One thing I absolutely adored at the restaurant was the fact that the owners were present and assisting the waiters with serving. It offered a very warm touch and gave the overall experience that extra edge. 

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